Eco Playbook

“Eco Playbook” is an open-source, digital primer on the interwoven intricacies of carbon impact, waste management, materials selection, social equity and biophilic design. Conceived, researched, written, and designed by O+A’s designated eco team, the playbook takes a ground-level look at the established conventions of interior design and identifies practices that need changing. Every stage of the design process, it turns out, can be reimagined to reduce (and ideally eliminate) its harmful impact on the environment.

As O+A cofounder and eco team leader Verda Alexander wrote in her introduction, “We are not experts, do not profess to be experts and do not presume to teach or preach. We want to help bring needed change to our industry, leading by example if we can, but also following and celebrating the lead of others.” The result is a uniquely personal account of one company confronting a gigantic global crisis and trying to figure out a meaningful plan of action.

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